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Schwabe Pharmaceuticals produces a wide range of phytomedicines. All of these products share the common features of our drugs:

  • Outstanding and reliable quality
  • Documented efficacy proven in our own clinical studies
  • Excellent tolerability

In the following, you will find product information on selected phytomedicines of the Schwabe group. This information is intended to provide general information on our products for the interested abroad and may not comprise all data that may be of relevance to you.

With respect to the brandnames, formulations and further details on the products, presented afterwards, please note that the products presented are the preparations as marketed in Germany. Thus they may differ from our products available in other countries.

In case of questions regarding the availability of a product in your particular country of interest please contact your local representation or Schwabe Pharmaceuticals’ International Division at

Please note that the choice of a medicine should always be based on a professional’s medical diagnosis. Do not discontinue any prescribed medication without prior consultation of your doctor.